When is it to early to start talking about Christmas?

As a seasonal business, it’s all about Christmas in this house. But when is it really early to start talking about the big day?


For me this is never and at Out and About we love Christmas! For my friends and family though, I think I may have become a bit of a Christmas/turkey bore!

I always try to switch off from the chaos of Christmas in January but inevitably, the T word does get mentioned every now and then.

Here at Out and About Christmas begins in February when I start confirming orders with butchers and restaurants that I supply to. I like to get feedback from the customers and businesses who have brought turkeys and geese the previous year as I am always trying to improve my product. From my days in the corporate world I was always told Feedback is a gift, now I am running a small business, I totally understand what having feedback means.

Once we get to March it is time to confirm the bird orders with the hatchery. Family and friends have become very interested with the question, How many are you doing this year?

xmaspost2April is holiday time and I take the little one’s away for a break, once the birds are in we are housebound, especially for the first two months whilst they are so vulnerable! I’m lucky my children enjoy helping with the birds, they look forward to turkey time as much as I do.

May’s the month when I prepare the equipment and shed for the arrival of the birds. Everything needs to be washed down and disinfected to ensure the new chicks wont pick up any illnesses or infections from previous flocks.

This year the goslings will be arriving earlier than in previous years as I want additional rearing time to see if this affects the finish of end product. The turkey chicks (poults) will arrive at the end of June and then the fun really starts.

Leaving the house for a length of time in those first weeks is difficult so I have to make sure that we are well stocked up. I have been known to send out a distress signal for more wine and gin to be brought in!

From June until beginning of December it’s all about keeping birds alive! As we go though the year I will explain more about how we look after our geese and turkeys and how we ensure they lead happy and stress free lives until it is time for their countryside rambles to come to an end.

So I will leave you with one final thought……………

It’s only 243 days till Christmas!

Jade x


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