When Lucy Newson came to stay…

Lucy first contacted me back in March 2020 to discuss the possibility of a photoshoot as part of a collaboration: this was way back when Corona was still just a beer in a bottle and being locked in your house for months on end was something that happened in disaster movies.

Whilst I have a photographer who I have worked with for many years I was incredibly excited to work with Lucy having seen some of her work and the beautiful moments that she has captured. Deep into the first month of lockdown we met via a video call to discuss the practicalities for the photoshoot. The Covid pandemic definitely was going to throw up some challenges.

Lucy spent time talking me through the photoshoot. After spending time looking at my Instagram Lucy had ideas for the different shots she would like to try and capture. She was also keen to discuss any ideas I had so that she could to try and incorporate those into the shoot. As Covid restrictions were lifted we were finally able to get a date in the diary for Lucy to come and visit us for the photoshoot. After a final phone-call and a run through of the plan for the day all that was left to do was to work out what I was going to wear and how I was going to crowd control the Herberts.

The day of the photoshoot dawned, and it did not disappoint, the sun shone and there was not a cloud in the sky. After a quick team talk tractors were moved into position, props were gathered, and we were off.
We moved through the day changing locations, props, children and animals around. Somehow the children all behaved, the animals did their thing and even Mr Out and About got into the swing of things, even if he did decide that today was the day to wear his shabby farm clothes.

Throughout the day Lucy put together some of the images that she had taken so we could see how the shoot was progressing and the images that she had captured. Lucy set the photos to music and the first time that we saw them was quite overwhelming, I am not easily overwhelmed but the images were stunning. I was excited to see what day two would bring.
Day two was an early start, about 5am early start, Lucy was keen to capture the birds as the sun rose. I have to say I was less than photogenic at that hour of the morning, so she has definitely worked her magic on those photos. We were sad to say goodbye to Lucy at the end of the shoot. We really felt she had taken time to get to know us as a family and totally immersed herself in our farm life whilst she was here. She even got involved with our famous kitchen disco.

When curating social media accounts having high quality photos is absolutely key. Having a collection of photos that you can use in your planning will provide many benefits for your business. If you are thinking about booking a photo shoot, I would highly recommend Lucy. She is an incredibly talented photographer; her images are breath-taking. Her professionalism and willingness to get the perfect shot means that she goes to great lengths, even laying in grass full of goose pooh to capture that perfect moment.

Thank you, Lucy, for the beautiful images you captured of our family and our farm, they are truly something we will treasure forever.
Jade x


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