The Post Christmas Blues

It’s the beginning of February and I’ve got to admit, I am still blue! I’ve struggled to write anything for weeks now. The buzz of the Christmas season came and went and I thought brilliant, in January I will write, blog and social media to my heart’s content.

Well it hasn’t really happened like that as I am blocked, well and truly blocked. I never really understood what writers block was until now!

So I thought I would tell you a little bit about what we do whilst we are off season in the hope I can get my blog on again. I last wrote whilst I was in the thick of things, literally up to my elbows in turkey entrails. I have long realised that I am a person that thrives on stress. The more I have to do and the shorter the time, I’m on fire. Give me weeks and weeks to sort something, I can guarantee it will be left until the last minute. I have tried to be all organised and efficient, it’s just not how I work, blind panic is the new organised!

So the last turkey left the fridges at about 4pm on the 24th December.  We all settled down to enjoy a quiet family Christmas, a large bottle of baileys and a well deserved rest. Once I had eaten my way through a couple of tins of quality street and cleared a bit of space on my wine rack; we were staring down the barrel of new years eve and the beginning of 2018. The countdown is on, 20 weeks and counting until the birds come in!

January now stretches ahead of me. A long month of attempting to diet, not drinking and catching up on paperwork that I piled on my desk in December, because I was way to busy to deal with it and I hate paperwork. But all is not lost. During this very long and frankly boring month, I have put my time to some use. I have been researching hatcheries. Whilst to many of you this will sound very boring, to me it’s about gaining more knowledge and having more control over the chicks we rear. We are looking to swap hatcheries this year as we would like more choice in the strains of turkeys available to us. We have found a hatchery that produces very small turkey strains, something that we know will be very popular with our customers.

Last year we employed a team of people to help us pluck and dress the turkeys. Previously we have managed as best we can with a few friends but after the previous year, I think there would have been mutiny if we had asked them again. Having other people dress my turkeys was very strange for me to start with. I wasn’t in control of what was happening with the birds as I was on packing and allocation. As you can probably tell, I am a control freak, and that feeling of letting go and letting others take over flawed me for at least the first day of dressing.

One positive side of employing people was everything was done in good time, we could stop and take a breather and we weren’t in a blind state of panic. We were in bed at 1am on the morning of the 23rd, this may seem late but believe me, this was an early night. What has been the most exciting thing about employing people is that we now feel confident to expand. We have a team that we trained and I have to admit, were pretty darn fabulous, so we will now go forth and multiply, in turkey and goose terms that is!

So here is to Turkey season 2018 because let’s face it, it will roll around pretty quickly and I will soon be writing about rearing, free-ranging and everything that goes hand in hand with rearing turkeys and geese.

Thanks for sticking with it and Happy New Year all, I can already tell it’s going to be a busy one!

Jade x


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