It’s not what you take out, it’s what you put in!

So I am writing tonight with my feet well and truly up!  They are actually on a pillow and I have an alcoholic beverage to hand. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it! Sadly, it is enforced. I’ve broken my toe and I actually can’t move around at the present time, as I’m in pain. The good side is that I’m feeling inspired about all the amazing people around us, and how they help us in times of crisis. So we moved to our village knowing no one, and to be honest we didn’t really even know where, location wise, we had moved to for a good few weeks. We have a Welsh phone number and a Shropshire postcode, but we actually live in Herefordshire. All very confusing!! We always say that our house found us, as it was purely by chance we actually found it on the day we went to view somewhere else. So the village we live in is very small.  It is home to around 80 people and it centres very much around our pub, which is conveniently crawling distance from our house. In our village, we have met some of the kindest people you could ever meet. On…

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Back British Farming

Once again I am on a train. I think that I seem to write better on a train. Maybe because I’m captive and I can’t move and there are no animals or children around to distract me!  Being captive like this means I get time to think a bit (dangerous I know) and quite frankly writing this blog helping to distract me from thinking about the smelly individual sat next to me!  So last month I took part in the NFU’s Back British farming day. I want to follow this up with a call to all my readers and followers to keep up the momentum of this. It is more important now than it ever has been to support our farmers, and to buy British. We are in unprecedented times: more than 1000 farms have closed in the past three years. One in five dairy farms are set to close in the near future and we are being told that we are facing a butter and cream shortage this Christmas.  I wonder if this is an insight into our food producing future.  I hope not.  What will happen when we no longer have enough dairy farmers to produce our milk? What…

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Over the last few months, I have told you lots about how Out and About Poultry started and how we look after our birds and, more importantly, why we do what we do. This month’s blog is about the inspiration I had to start my own business and become a Mumprenuer. So what exactly is a Mumprenuer? The online dictionary’s definition of a mumpreneur is “a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children”.  It is estimated that there are 800,000 women running their own business part time in the uk at the present time. For me being a Mumprenuer is not just about running my own business it’s about being able to work and be at home for my children while they are small. We all know how quickly time passes and how quickly they grow! Juggling work and the children is a military operation and I won’t lie and say it’s easy. Being able to make it to sports day without having to book a day off months in advance and not worrying about juggling childcare when your youngest resembles an erupting volcano as they have Norovirus…

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Free to Range

So August has flashed passed, I am now in the midst of sewing name tapes into school uniforms and attempting to get the children to go to bed early, and more importantly wear shoes again! On the 25th of August 2017 our turkeys reached eight weeks of age. This is a big milestone for the birds, it means they are now strong enough to go outside. Our turkeys, much like our children are free to range, or as we like to term it “free-ranging”. But what does this actually mean? This means that our turkeys are free to behave in their natural way, in a big open space. It means they are able to take dust baths, scratch around in the long grass and nettles and enjoy the feeling of the sun on their backs. The big release happened and as always, it’s a massive anti-climax! You imagine the birds are going to flock from the shed, eager to feel the wind in their feathers. The reality is, they make a load of noise as your in their shed. Once the doors are open you stand and look at them, and they stare back at you as if to say…

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It’s Turkey Time!

The time is currently 7:44 am. I’m sat on a train London bound, off to a meeting. I started my day at about 3:45am, overslept and then missed the first train, so I’ve been on the back foot ever since – oops! This is the first time in about eight weeks now that I’ve sat still for more than an hour, and quite honestly it’s killing me. Being on this train also reminds me how lucky I am that my morning commute is a short walk into my rearing sheds, and can be done in pyjamas or when its a little cooler, a onesie. The amount of time it took to become publicly presentable this morning was quite frightening. Nevertheless, I am on a London bound train, I look cleanish and I finally have time to sit and update you about our past few weeks. So Tuesday June 27th was turkey delivery day, 133 tiny chicks were collected from the hatchery. This is a slight decrease in numbers from last year, this is due to the fact that we have had a huge demand for geese and we have increased the amount of geese we are rearing this year. In…

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