My Turkeys are Golden

It’s lunch time and I am yet again sat on a smelly train! I seem to sit on lots of smelly trains these days! All around me are individuals casually crunching their way through the cheesiest bags of crisps that there ever could be. 

Why oh why when you sit on a train do people think it appropriate to eat smelly food, specifically cheesy crisps, curry (I shit you not, there is someone eating a curry right now) or fish based sandwiches!! 

Anyways, why am I on the train this time I hear you ask. Well I have been down to London town to the Golden Turkeys annual marketing meeting. A first for me as despite being a Golden Turkey farmer for a number of years now, I feel like I have been the Scarlett Pimpernel, this mysterious farmer who nobody has ever met. 

It was a fabulous night and it was good to put faces to names of many of the farmers that I speak to on social media but have never met and talk all things turkey. There is definitely some new equipment inbound thanks to some top tips from Treway Farm Turkeys, thanks guys. I even managed to not disgrace myself by saying or doing something inappropriate!!

I am sure many of you are now wondering what Golden Turkeys is, does and stands for. You have heard me talk about it and seen posts but what does it all mean!

So Golden Turkeys in a nutshell means quality. Golden Turkeys are produced to the highest welfare standards. They are slow grown, this is really important as it allows them to put down the all important layer of fat needed to ensure you don’t end up with a dry turkey!

They are allowed to free range from the moment they are fully feathered, right up until their final days. They are fed an additive free diet and allowed to eat and forage naturally from the land. Ours enjoy the windfall from our orchard, as well as our stinging nettle field, yes our neighbours love us for this, not! 

I am proud to say that Out and About is inspected each year to ensure that I am meeting the Golden Turkey standards, and our birds are being cared for according to the welfare conditions that are set. I feel like having this inspection is my way of proving that what I do is to the highest standards, which I strive to exceed, and is something to shout about. 

What does being part of Golden Turkeys mean to me? It means belonging, being part of something bigger. Having only been farming turkeys for the past 7 years it’s about having the knowledge that there is support available if needed and so much experience and advice on all aspects of rearing turkeys.

So when you are starting to think about your Christmas plans and you are tasked with the main job of ordering the perfect bird, make sure that it’s a Golden One! I promise you won’t regret it.

Also, if you are a train traveller and you enjoy cheesy crisps or tuna sandwiches, please spare a thought for your fellow travellers, not everyone enjoys those particular aromas!!

Jade x


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