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So it’s 11:20 pm on a Sunday night, and I am currently writing from my kitchen table. I’m waiting for the kettle to boil so I can make a cup of tea as I have drunk to much wine! This tends to be a reoccurring theme these days. I possibly need to stop ordering bulk wine! The bloggers inspiration has hit me, I think I write better half cut! Please, all drink responsibly and do not follow my lead, I do not want other peoples alcoholism on my conscious!

So we are well and truly on the Christmas countdown here at Out and About. The first turkey orders will be going out next weekend to the restaurants for their Christmas menus. This now signals me to think about Christmas, and more urgently, Christmas shopping!

Last year I was still completing Christmas shopping on the 22nd December and thanking the lord for the invention of Amazon Prime. Apologies go out to the receivers of gifts from me last year, as if it wasn’t on Prime, you weren’t getting it, and that meant some pretty interesting gift choices!

Anyway, this year I promised that  I would have all my shopping done by the 1st November and wrapped, so I could enjoy my Christmas run up without the pressure of Christmas shopping hanging over me!

Well it’s the 19th November, I have brought about 6 of the 30 Christmas presents I need to buy, and none of those are wrapped! I will give myself some credit though, as some of my Christmas presents need to be shipped abroad and I have managed to do this on the boat shipping thing, (which is cheaper than air mail), so as far as I am concerned I am #winning.

So with all the spending and credit card flexing (don’t tell Mr Out and About that! He thought I cut them up, turns out me and the credit card have an addictive relationship) that will happen over the next month, it challenged me to think about how I shop.

I have talked, tweeted, face booked and Inst’d a lot this year about #backingbritishfarming, being #proudtoproduce and #shoppinglocally.  I thought actually, when it comes to Christmas shopping how many of us shop local and with small businesses, and how many of us turn to our faithful big boys online?

Please don’t take this as a bash at the big retailers post, it is totally not, I love nothing more than to order random crap from the big warehouse in the sky at midnight,  and know it will be delivered the next day (never a dull moment in this house).

But could we all use some, or all of our hard earned money that we use to purchase our Christmas gifts with, to benefit our small businesses, which in turn help their local communities by employing more local people and ultimately, recycling their earnings back into their community?

This year I have made the decision that I will purchase as many gifts as I can from local, and small businesses and I will buy as much of my Christmas produce locally. I want to practice what I preach to the best of my ability. I ask people to choose me when it comes to ordering their turkey or goose. I ask them to choose me over their favourite supermarket or big retailer. By choosing me they are choosing not only a tasty, free range, higher welfare turkey or goose but they are choosing to buy from a small family run business.

So to all my readers, Small business Saturday (2nd December 2017) is looming and I am challenging you this Christmas, can you and will you change the way you shop?
Can you buy just one or two of the presents you would have brought from a large retail from a small or local  business?
Can you find that unique present that you wouldn’t have found anywhere else but you found in the independent shop in your local town?

If you know some great small businesses that have some amazing gift ideas that we all need to know about, please feel free to tag them. I know I would love some Christmas shopping inspiration (and a volunteer to actually shop for me).

Happy shopping everyone, only 34 sleeps to go!

Jade x


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