It’s Friday… With Kittens

I love early mornings. I love the quiet and the still. The anticipation of what the day ahead holds. Drinking a hot coffee in peace!

Tom is also an early riser and this morning I found him curled up with the kittens aka The Babies of Badness!!!!

When I agreed to get the girls kittens I did not factor in the carnage that they would create in my house. We cannot speak about the damage they managed to create yesterday, Mr O doesn’t even know about it. I’m waiting for the right moment to tell him.

This week has been challenging, my workload has been intense and I’ve had some challenging cases to find a resolution to… but I’ve done it, and I’m looking forward to a break over the weekend.

So here’s to making it through another week, to it being Friday and to being allowed a gin and tonic at 3:30pm!

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