What came first, the chicken or the turkey!?

If you’re reading this, yey, you found me. Never in a month of Sundays did I think I would end up writing a blog, but here I am. I will need to get my husband to check my spelling and grammar before this goes live as these are not my strong points!

Back to the farming, How did I get here then?

Well, I moved into our three acre smallholding in 2010 with a vision of doing something constructive with the ground (as a lot of people who buy a small holding do).  Prior to moving to Herefordshire I lived in Essex, in a flat, in a town, I couldn’t have been more of a townie if I tried. Shoving my hand up the backside of a turkey to gut it, was not how I thought I would spend my country days!

So first came the chickens…..

Mainly laying hens with a few big chickens for the table. Then, in the way many good ideas start, I met a man down the pub who told us all about turkey farming. I liked the idea of a seasonal hobby, so the idea of Out and About poultry was born 2012.

Then some turkeys and a mini person….

I was on maternity leave in the summer of 2012, awaiting the birth of our first baby. I had a bit of spare time on my hands, as you do, so whilst heavily pregnant I took delivery of our first 10 turkeys (I am quite mad), and that was the start of Out and About Poultry.

PicMonkey Collage

Then some geese…

The Norfolk geese came onto the scene in 2014. They where very much my husband’s idea and I did watch him dry pluck 5 geese by hand that first year and kept saying, “I told you they would be hard to pluck”. We have since perfected this art! Out and About has expanded as word of mouth has spread and our birds have become more popular each year. Last year I ran a flock of 200 birds (I will add I was also pregnant with our third mini human at this point, told you I was quite mad).

So why Out and About poultry?

rIMG_4023I chose the name as I thought it was a good play on words emphasising free range. In everything that I do I strive to ensure that all our birds are raised to the highest welfare standard possible, I want them to have the best lives possible, I strongly believe happy birds make tasty birds.

So why start a blog, every one has a blog….

Well, the one thing that I found when researching turkey farming was, there’s not that much info out there compared to other types of farming. Most of what I know has come from learning on the job and these two books, which we picked up second hand. We also have been lucky enough to have the help and experience of some very good friends who used to rear turkeys themselves. Hopefully I can pass on a little of what I have learnt for others who may want to have a bash at raising a few turkeys, or who are just interested in knowing more about what we do.

I’m not the turkey oracle, but I have learnt a lot over the last six years. Im still learning now as the business starts to expand. As the saying goes, every day is a school day!! So check back next month where I will be telling you more about what happens at Out and About before the birds come in, and how I get prepared for a very busy six months.

Jade x


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  1. Katie (a.k.a Female Farmer UK)
    13th December 2018 / 1:39 pm

    Jade I never knew you were an Essex townie originally, like me! Have loved reading through your blogs about how it all came about, look how well your hard work has paid off! Love myself a farming book, will have to pick these three up!

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