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How often is it that we get that time to just stop, to put down technology, to turn off the phone, to just sit and think? When was the last time you sat down without your phone or a piece of work or sat and watched a TV program.  I can’t remember the last time I did it, and I’ve forgotten how much I’ve enjoyed it.  Do you remember back to when you were a child and there were no electronic devices, when the days felt long and you would moan to your Mum you were bored? I miss those days! I don’t think my children know the meaning of bored. We are either flat out going from activity to party or catching up with jobs at home. Most of their waking hours are spent pre-planned, weeks in advance. Where we live,  my children have a lot of access to outside space and trees and streams in which to play in. At this point in their young lives, they don’t know how lucky they are. In the UK recent research has shown that children are now spending only half as much time playing outdoors as their parents’ generation did (National Trust Survey),…

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Writing is my therapy

I am broken beyond words today! As I write I feel like the whole world is against me right now. Writing for me is like therapy, writing allows me to release things I otherwise would, couldn’t or perhaps shouldn’t say. I have come to a point in my life where I’m tired and I’m worn out. I’m pretty much single handedly bringing up three children whilst running my little farm and in the background have other businesses running to make ends meet. For years now I’ve just kept going. I’ve papered over the cracks; I’ve tried to change things, improve things, take more control of things and try to give less fucks about things! This method has not been overly successful. The cracks are now showing some serious subsidence, the changes have gone unnoticed, I’m yet to see an improvement, if you have seen me in public with three kids you will realise I’m definitely not in control and although I probably look like I couldn’t care less, most days I want to liberate the shotgun from the cupboard and ram it up the arses of people that have pissed me off that day! (No humans have been harmed to…

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Every Day is a School Day

Hello, did you miss me? I’ve done the typical blogger thing and disappeared for a while. There is no air or mystery to where I’ve been. I literally have had nothing to say that warranted taking your precious time. So what have I been up to in my quiet period? I have actually been rather busy, so busy that my poor baby brain could not quite get the words out on to paper to keep you in the loop. Things are starting to calm down now and a sense of normality is resuming.  As normal as life gets at Out and About Poultry! I thought it was time to show off my super duper shiny new blog site, you know you’re a proper blogger when you have your own blog site! If you follow Out and About Poultry on social media you may know that we took delivery of our turkey poults and goslings at the end of June. There was never any intention to take all the birds in at the same time because space is always an issue when there are different flocks of day olds. They each have their own needs and cannot be mixed, so space…

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The Post Christmas Blues

It’s the beginning of February and I’ve got to admit, I am still blue! I’ve struggled to write anything for weeks now. The buzz of the Christmas season came and went and I thought brilliant, in January I will write, blog and social media to my heart’s content. Well it hasn’t really happened like that as I am blocked, well and truly blocked. I never really understood what writers block was until now! So I thought I would tell you a little bit about what we do whilst we are off season in the hope I can get my blog on again. I last wrote whilst I was in the thick of things, literally up to my elbows in turkey entrails. I have long realised that I am a person that thrives on stress. The more I have to do and the shorter the time, I’m on fire. Give me weeks and weeks to sort something, I can guarantee it will be left until the last minute. I have tried to be all organised and efficient, it’s just not how I work, blind panic is the new organised! So the last turkey left the fridges at about 4pm on the 24th December.  We all…

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Over the last few months, I have told you lots about how Out and About Poultry started and how we look after our birds and, more importantly, why we do what we do. This month’s blog is about the inspiration I had to start my own business and become a Mumprenuer. So what exactly is a Mumprenuer? The online dictionary’s definition of a mumpreneur is “a woman who sets up and runs her own business in addition to caring for her young child or children”.  It is estimated that there are 800,000 women running their own business part time in the uk at the present time. For me being a Mumprenuer is not just about running my own business it’s about being able to work and be at home for my children while they are small. We all know how quickly time passes and how quickly they grow! Juggling work and the children is a military operation and I won’t lie and say it’s easy. Being able to make it to sports day without having to book a day off months in advance and not worrying about juggling childcare when your youngest resembles an erupting volcano as they have Norovirus…

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