The Oxford dictionary states that Integrity is “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”. The day I realised my time working for a corporate company needed to end was the day that I realised they had no integrity and I was beginning to question whether I had any left. You may have read the back story to Out and About and you may be aware that I previously worked in financial services for a large corporate company. What I have never discussed is some of the decisions I took in order to leave this world and what drove those decisions. I have received numerous emails from followers telling me that they would love to quit the rat race and the corporate world and move to a simpler and more wholesome life, asking me how I achieved this. I have answered many of these email and passed on information and details but at the same time I don’t think I truly conveyed how I felt at the time and what forced my hand to finally ask for my P45. The beginning of the end for me, was my return from maternity leave and the changes that had taken…

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Every Day is a School Day

Hello, did you miss me? I’ve done the typical blogger thing and disappeared for a while. There is no air or mystery to where I’ve been. I literally have had nothing to say that warranted taking your precious time. So what have I been up to in my quiet period? I have actually been rather busy, so busy that my poor baby brain could not quite get the words out on to paper to keep you in the loop. Things are starting to calm down now and a sense of normality is resuming.  As normal as life gets at Out and About Poultry! I thought it was time to show off my super duper shiny new blog site, you know you’re a proper blogger when you have your own blog site! If you follow Out and About Poultry on social media you may know that we took delivery of our turkey poults and goslings at the end of June. There was never any intention to take all the birds in at the same time because space is always an issue when there are different flocks of day olds. They each have their own needs and cannot be mixed, so space…

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The Post Christmas Blues

It’s the beginning of February and I’ve got to admit, I am still blue! I’ve struggled to write anything for weeks now. The buzz of the Christmas season came and went and I thought brilliant, in January I will write, blog and social media to my heart’s content. Well it hasn’t really happened like that as I am blocked, well and truly blocked. I never really understood what writers block was until now! So I thought I would tell you a little bit about what we do whilst we are off season in the hope I can get my blog on again. I last wrote whilst I was in the thick of things, literally up to my elbows in turkey entrails. I have long realised that I am a person that thrives on stress. The more I have to do and the shorter the time, I’m on fire. Give me weeks and weeks to sort something, I can guarantee it will be left until the last minute. I have tried to be all organised and efficient, it’s just not how I work, blind panic is the new organised! So the last turkey left the fridges at about 4pm on the 24th December.  We all…

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The Elephant in the Room

Okay, so I think there is something that we need to talk about.  Something that is going to happen this weekend.  I think it is something that makes some people feel uncomfortable. So for nearly six months now, I have been showing you picture after picture of my beautiful geese and turkeys as they have grown from day one and you have followed their journey.  But Christmas is approaching and I think you know what this means. It is time for their countryside rambles to come to an end and for them to become someone’s Christmas dinner. Ok, so now I think you’re feeling really uncomfortable? I wanted to write this post to talk about how our bird’s days end and how we make sure this is done as humanely and with as much dignity as possible. Why did I want to write about this? Well, for a start, no one else does and secondly we are proud of what we do and how we rear our birds. I would like to give you as much information as you would like to read about, so you know what we do here. So this weekend, our birds will be ready for slaughter.…

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Local is Back!

So it’s 11:20 pm on a Sunday night, and I am currently writing from my kitchen table. I’m waiting for the kettle to boil so I can make a cup of tea as I have drunk to much wine! This tends to be a reoccurring theme these days. I possibly need to stop ordering bulk wine! The bloggers inspiration has hit me, I think I write better half cut! Please, all drink responsibly and do not follow my lead, I do not want other peoples alcoholism on my conscious! So we are well and truly on the Christmas countdown here at Out and About. The first turkey orders will be going out next weekend to the restaurants for their Christmas menus. This now signals me to think about Christmas, and more urgently, Christmas shopping! Last year I was still completing Christmas shopping on the 22nd December and thanking the lord for the invention of Amazon Prime. Apologies go out to the receivers of gifts from me last year, as if it wasn’t on Prime, you weren’t getting it, and that meant some pretty interesting gift choices! Anyway, this year I promised that  I would have all my shopping done by…

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