It’s Friday… With Kittens

I love early mornings. I love the quiet and the still. The anticipation of what the day ahead holds…

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Support British Farmers: It’s not a job, it’s a vocation; a lifestyle; a passion.

A throwback to Christmas Day!
When others are winding down to enjoy their Christmas break we’re winding up to produce the centre piece for everyone’s Christmas table…

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When Lucy Newson came to stay…

Lucy first contacted me back in March 2020 to discuss the possibility of a photoshoot as part of a collaboration: this was way back when Corona was still just a beer in a bottle and being locked in your house for months on end was something that happened in disaster movies. Whilst I have a photographer who I have worked with for many years I was incredibly excited to work with Lucy having seen some of her work and the beautiful moments that she has captured. Deep into the first month of lockdown we met via a video call to discuss the practicalities for the photoshoot. The Covid pandemic definitely was going to throw up some challenges. Lucy spent time talking me through the photoshoot. After spending time looking at my Instagram Lucy had ideas for the different shots she would like to try and capture. She was also keen to discuss any ideas I had so that she could to try and incorporate those into the shoot. As Covid restrictions were lifted we were finally able to get a date in the diary for Lucy to come and visit us for the photoshoot. After a final phone-call and a…

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My Turkeys are Golden

It’s lunch time and I am yet again sat on a smelly train! I seem to sit on lots of smelly trains these days! All around me are individuals casually crunching their way through the cheesiest bags of crisps that there ever could be.  Why oh why when you sit on a train do people think it appropriate to eat smelly food, specifically cheesy crisps, curry (I shit you not, there is someone eating a curry right now) or fish based sandwiches!!  Anyways, why am I on the train this time I hear you ask. Well I have been down to London town to the Golden Turkeys annual marketing meeting. A first for me as despite being a Golden Turkey farmer for a number of years now, I feel like I have been the Scarlett Pimpernel, this mysterious farmer who nobody has ever met.  It was a fabulous night and it was good to put faces to names of many of the farmers that I speak to on social media but have never met and talk all things turkey. There is definitely some new equipment inbound thanks to some top tips from Treway Farm Turkeys, thanks guys. I even managed…

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Easy like a Sunday Morning

It’s 7am on a Sunday morning and I am currently sat in a courtyard garden in Sunny Bridgend, West Wales, in an Airbnb just round the corner from the local prison (they missed that bit off the listing!) I am sat quietly, coffee in hand with no TV blaring in the background, nobody needing an urgent pooh and, most importantly no phone! I’ve disappeared off the farm for the weekend and left Mr O & A in charge, I am away celebrating one of my very best friends special birthdays and, in true Jade style, I have packed the weekend so full of activities that everyone is still fast asleep, shattered from the previous days program! Roll on day two! Finally, I can sit down and write a proper update to where we are back on the farm and what the last few weeks have been like. To sum up the last few weeks in a nutshell, I would say, rocky. All started off well allbeit I was flying by the seat of my pants somewhat in terms of being organised and ready to take delivery of birds. A huge thanks needs to be extended to the incredibly helpful staff…

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