A Shuddy Mess!

A shuddy mess!

Yesterday I had a moment. Every year there is a “moment”. It’s a moment where you question everything. Why do I do this? What am I doing? There has to be an easier way!

I’ll set the scene, it’s pitch black, it’s freezing. There’s sleet, there’s frozen shud (sh***y mud) and the wind has blown the shed doors back on their selves so much so that they have dropped and I can’t shut them!

The shed doors are around 8ft high and 6ft wide and made of steel and they weren’t budging no matter how much I pushed, pulled or screamed profanities.

Then I slipped, face first into frozen shud!

I’m not ashamed to say I sat in the shud and cried. I had that moment! Why am I doing this, what’s it all for, does anyone even care!

Leaving the door open was not an option, it would have meant leaving the turkeys exposed to predators.

So I got out of that shud, stuck on my big girl pants and grabbed a variety of implements that I could use to lift the door!

Long story short, I did it, door shut, birds safe, shud washed off and girl boss power restored ?.

Sometimes we all need to have “the moment” to remind ourselves of what we are working for, what we believe in and what we feel proud about.

I’m proud of the turkeys and geese I rear. I was in that shud trying to shut those doors to keep them safe after they had spent the day outside free ranging doing what turkeys naturally do.

The good news is I’ve had the “moment” very early on in the season. It normally comes around the 21st December when my hands no longer work. This means I will be a whole lot jollier on the 21st ?.

When you’re tucking into your turkeys and geese this year don’t forget the farmer that has proudly reared that bird. They too will have had a moment when they were face down in shud and contemplating life, but they carry on to ensure you have a higher welfare and reared with love, bird on your table ?.

Have you ever been involved with a shuddy mess?!

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